Our Organisation (Key Functions)


  • Attend to needs of all Customers.
  • Interact with Planning and Production Department to meet Customer’s Specifications and ensure timely Deliveries.
  • Gather Market Information and Trends.
  • Preparation of Literatures and Packaging Designs.
  • Attend to complaints if any.
  • Ensure Proper Documentation specific to each Market.
  • Plan promotional materials.
  • Identify newer markets.
  • Product development and upgradation.
  • Arrange customer visits.
  • Organize seminars and conferences.


  • Plan, Control & Co-Ordinate Procurements and Dispatches of Raw Materials & Packing Materials.
  • Fix up priorities of Production.
  • Work out Schedules.
  • Decide on Logistics.
  • Ensure Co-ordination.
  • Work out Cost Effectiveness.
  • Design Packaging as per Customer and Market requirements.
  • Product Presentation.
  • Offer newer ideas to Customers based on Market intelligence.
  • Vendor Evaluation, Rating and Approval.


  • Plans all activities relating to Production.
  • Manage the Factory Operations.
  • Maintain all Documentation as per the latest WHO & other Guidelines.
  • Keep an Upgrade on cGMP & other Modern & New Developments in our field.
  • Plan Logistics to ensure Maximum Capacity Utilization.
  • Ensure Quality Control from beginning to end.
  • Maintain Samples & Records.
  • Control Research & Development activities.
  • Maintain an Effective Quality Assurance Department.
  • Fulfill all Marketing requirements.


  • Provide Efficient Manpower
  • Training in Professional Management areas.
  • Health, safety, environment & quality issues.
  • Productivity Improvement.
  • Identification of training needs.
  • Training of Trainers.
  • Improving work culture.
  • Training facilities.
  • Handling all Labour and Industrial Relations related matters.


  • Preparation of Product Dossiers.
  • Preparation of all documents for registration of products specific to each country.
  • Preparation of Drug master files.
  • Attend to matters related to patients.
  • Keep tab of all Control Samples and Counter Samples of Customers.
  • Monitoring compliance to requirements of FDA and other regulatory bodies.


  • Financial Planning & Control.
  • Maintenance of correct accounting records.
  • Maintain daily & weekly cash flows.
  • Co-ordination with financial institutions & Banks.
  • Conduct internal audit operations.
  • Maintain a cost control center & check cost variances & reasons for the same.
  • Maintain an effective system to measure revenues & provide suggestions for maximization of the same.
  • Follow up & fulfill all requirements relating to tax laws, Company laws & other laws of the land.
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